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Smoking Pipe w/ Andean Walnut Base - Turtle Design


Introducing our Turtle Smoking Pipe with an Andean Walnut Base! This beautifully crafted pipe features a handmade turtle figurine and a natural walnut base, creating a unique and striking design. With a height of approximately 2.5" to 3", it's the perfect size for any smoking enthusiast. Take your smoking ritual to the next level with our one-of-a-kind Turtle Smoking Pipe.

  • The base of this pipe is made from Tocte nut (Andean walnut).
  • The artist formed the turtle by hand and painted it.
  • The fact that each natural nut comes in many different shapes and sizes makes each piece UNIQUE.
  • SIZE: Hand pipe. Height: approx. 2.5" to 3"

In the Amazon rainforest and the Andean mountain range, the turtle holds a special place in indigenous cultures. According to legends, the turtles are believed to be a symbol of wisdom and longevity, possessing a unique connection to the spirits of the land and water.

It is said that the turtles are the guardians of the sacred rivers and streams that run through the forest. They are believed to protect the water from harm, ensuring that it remains clean and pure for all living creatures to enjoy.


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Discover the beauty and importance of the Andean walnut with this exquisite smoking pipe. The base of this piece is crafted from a rare nut called TOCTE, a cousin of the commonly known walnut found worldwide. However, this nut is more than just a beautiful material, it holds an important message of preservation. 

The tocte nut trees, which produce these precious nuts, are facing endangerment due to the high demand for their wood in furniture-making and carving. By supporting the use of the nut, we can encourage the planting and protection of tocte nut trees, ensuring their survival for generations to come. So not only is this smoking pipe a unique and stunning piece, it is also a symbol of sustainability and conservation.



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