Boho Rainbow: A Vibrant Multi-Colored Acai Seed Beaded Necklace


Radiate boho vibes with our colorful rainbow Acai seed necklace. Each bead is carefully collected, naturally dyed, and hand-drilled, showcasing unique patterns that make every necklace one-of-a-kind. Our eco-friendly design not only adds a pop of fun and flamboyance to your outfit, but also serves as a sustainable statement piece. With an adjustable length, this necklace fits your unique style and completes your boho look with a vibrant touch.

  • Made with alternatively strung Acai seeds and tiny natural seeds
  • Hand-beaded by indigenous people in the Andes
  • Dyed in small batches using natural, vibrant colors from plant life in the Amazon
  • Acai seeds are collected from the Acai palm tree native to South America
  • Organic and Eco-friendly - guilt-free fashion!


Discover the incredible journey of the acai palm fruit! Native to swampland, this versatile fruit has been a dietary staple in the Andean region for thousands of years. Recently, it has gained worldwide recognition for its rich antioxidant properties and health benefits, including improved heart health, digestion, energy, and skin health. However, as global demand for acai continues to grow, acai seeds have often been carelessly discarded in landfills. But fear not, innovative solutions are emerging! Beyond being crafted into beautiful jewelry, acai seeds can now be repurposed as clean fuel for brick making and a vital component of organic potting soil. Join the sustainable movement and explore the amazing journey of the acai fruit!



The cultivation of acai helps sustainable rural development in the areas where it is located. The cultivation of açai seeds is helping to avoid deforestation in an important part of the Amazon since the existence of these plantations influences the preservation of this area of ​​the South American jungle, besides being a great economic boost to its local communities.


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