Made in the Andes

Miniature Owl Sculpture with Lucky Beans


Transform your room into a lively Andean paradise with this exquisite miniature sculpture! Crafted from a tiny slice of a tree found deep in the Ecuadorian mountains, this unique piece boasts a base of naturally regenerative tree sap and bamboo. The cherry on top is the lucky huayuro seed, with its bold red and black colors that represent balance and good fortune in indigenous Andean culture. According to tradition, the seed also has the power to manifest abundance and repel negativity. Plus, this stunning piece is meticulously handmade by a skilled indigenous artist, just like all our products.

Like all our products, it is handmade by an indigenous artist.


Pinecone (owl), Slice of Andean tree (sculpture base), Tree Sap, Bamboo (stick holder, if needed), Huayuro seeds (lucky beans!)



Small Sculpture - Height: approx. 2.5'' - 3"


FREE SHIPPING! Your miniature owl will be shipped via USPS First-class. We prepare your package as soon as we receive your order and it is shipped the next business day. It will be packed using biodegradable foam peanuts.