Made in the Andes

Make an eco-friendly statement with our stunning Tagua Nut Green Bracelet


Discover the natural beauty and sustainable style of our Green Statement Bracelet, handmade with eco-friendly materials. The bracelet features the tagua seed, these regenerative palm fruits have a unique finely marbled grain structure, visible after the fruit is sliced, polished, and dyed. Each green bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind due to the natural variations in the seeds. This style includes thick slices of the seed with a bit of the shell left on for added texture and dimension. Our bracelets are made by indigenous artists, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship and supporting traditional communities.

• 8 tagua slices
• One size fits all
• Tagua Slice: approx. 1.25" by 1"
• One-of-a-kind


FREE SHIPPING! Your bracelet will be shipped via USPS First-class. We prepare your package as soon as we receive your order and it is shipped the next business day.



Tagua nuts are an eco-friendly option for sustainable jewelry. They are biodegradable, sourced sustainably, and often produced through fair trade practices. By choosing tagua nut jewelry, you can support ethical and environmentally responsible fashion.