Made in the Andes

Brown Colorful Women’s Bag Indigenous Shoulder Bag

Locally sourced wool and hide go into making this handcrafted, gorgeously ethnic bag. Rooted in sustainability, this bag just like any other indigenous fashion products are responsibly created with mutual respect for nature. Carefully made together by people from the Andean community the way their ancestors did, each bag is rich in heritage and culture. Wear this bag as a standout statement with your outfits and you are directly supporting the craftspeople in the Andes.

This bag gets a contrasting accent that contributes to the overall beauty of it. Extremely roomy and functional, this bag comfortably holds all of your essentials for the day, while inviting a lot of praise.

  • Materials: Leather, Suede leather, Wool
  • Features Andean design and patterns
  • Made with the highest quality in South America
  • Handmade by indigenous craftspeople in the Andes


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