Blue Bib Necklace with Organic Oval-Shaped Vegetable Ivory Petals - A Stunning and Eco-Friendly Piece of Natural Jewelry


Sustainability is more than just a trend for us - it's our favorite fashion statement. This bold and chunky necklace is a true testament to that, as it is made solely from natural plant-based materials such as Tagua Nut. Revered by indigenous communities in South America for its sacred and feminine energy, Tagua nuts are carefully hand-carved, polished, and fashioned into this exquisite 'Vegetable Ivory' necklace that adds a touch of tradition to your look. Whether you wear it to show your appreciation for Indigenous cultures or to enhance your Boho outfit, this simple yet stylish piece is a celebration of both natural beauty and ethical fashion.

  • Made with Tagua Nut
  • 22 tagua beads (3 rows)
  • The nuts used are meticulously collected, dried, carved, and prepared by hand to create the most stunning creations
  • Each piece is one-of-a-kind due to the unique, natural blemishes found in each nuts
  • The nuts in this necklace are carved by Indigenous Tribes in South America
  • Its eco-friendly design supports both the environment and the indigenous artisans who crafted it.
  • This necklace is lightweight and versatile.


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For centuries, Tagua nuts have been a popular choice for creating stunning jewelry and other crafts. These nuts are incredibly durable, similar to an elephant's tusk, but are completely biodegradable when disposed of. What's even more impressive is that harvesting Tagua nuts is a sustainable process that doesn't harm the trees they come from. In fact, a single Tagua tree can produce as much vegetable ivory as a female elephant in just one year, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ivory.

This version provides more detail about the benefits and sustainability of using Tagua nuts, while also being more descriptive and engaging for the reader.