Blue Acai Seed Beaded Necklace Natural Jewelry


Elevate your boho look with this stunning red necklace.

Naturally small and rounded, Acai seeds make the perfect beads just the way they are. Carefully collected, dried, hand-drilled, and naturally dyed, these perfect little beads feature unique, natural patterns that make each seed different from the other. Organic and eco-friendly, yet fun and flamboyant, this necklace instantly transforms any outfit and gives you a bold, carefree look. Featuring an adjustable length, you can easily adjust to the perfect length that suits your style or outfit.

  • Made with alternatively strung Acai seeds and tiny natural seeds
  • Hand-beaded by indigenous people in the Andes
  • Dyed in small batches using natural, vibrant colors from plant life in the Amazon
  • Acai seeds are collected from the Acai palm tree native to South America
  • Organic and Eco-friendly - guilt-free fashion!



This palm fruit, which grows mostly in swampland, has been a staple of the Andean diet for thousands of years. In the past two decades, it has gained global popularity for rich antioxidant properties. Acai is believed to improve heart health, aid digestion, boost energy and promote healthy skin. Since it has become a global commodity, acai seeds have far too often wound up in the landfill. Fortunately, that is starting to change. In addition to making jewelry, the seeds can also be ground up and used as clean fuel for brick making, and as a component of organic potting soil.



The cultivation of acai helps sustainable rural development in the areas where it is located. The cultivation of açai seeds is helping to avoid deforestation in an important part of the Amazon since the existence of these plantations influences the preservation of this area of ​​the South American jungle, besides being a great economic boost its local communities.


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