Owl Smoking Pipe with Bamboo Stem


This beautifully handcrafted owl smoking pipe is made with natural materials and great attention to detail. The bamboo stem is smooth and sleek, while the bowl is made of a wonderful Andean nut chamber. The owl design on the bamboo at the center of the pipe is unique and stylish, making this pipe a real standout piece. It's perfect for any discerning smoker who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

Perfectly cut out, dried, and fixed, this delightful addition not only adds a great touch to the pipe but also ensures a delightful smoking experience.

  • The artist formed the owl by hand and painted it meticulously.
  • Materials: Organic bamboo and Andean nut.
  • Unique - No two pieces are the same.
  • Hand pipe - approx. 5.5” long.
  • Includes a screen.
  • Every purchase you make directly supports Andean communities in South America.


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Bamboo is a great alternative to wood. It grows fast and can be cut down without damaging its root system, meaning it will re-grow after it is harvested. Bamboo also captures large amounts of carbon in the environment!



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