Made in the Andes

Light Brown Rabbit with White Nose


Discover the exquisite softness and cultural richness of our Light Brown Rabbit Alpaca Stuffie. Handmade with love by Andean artisans, this alpaca teddy bear is not just a toy but a piece of art that carries the spirit of the Andes.

Product Features

  • Material: Luxuriously soft, natural alpaca fiber, known for its hypoallergenic properties.
  • Design: Soft light brown fur complemented by a distinctive white nose, capturing the playful spirit of the rabbit.
  • Symbolism: Symbolizing fertility and renewal in Andean culture, this rabbit invites a sense of new beginnings and growth.
  • Size: Standing at 14” tall, it is the perfect size for comforting hugs and decor.
  • Care: Designed for easy care, ensuring your alpaca stuffie remains a treasured companion.

Let the Light Brown Rabbit with its unique white nose hop into your life, bringing with it the promise of renewal and growth. Perfect for those who value eco-friendly and culturally significant products, it's a touch of softness that tells a story. Embrace this soft alpaca stuffed animal today, with free shipping in the U.S., and add a piece of Andean heritage to your collection.

*The toys have small parts like the eyes and nose and are not suitable for children under 5*