Made in the Andes

Alpaca Stuffed Bear (Brown Face & White Body)


Fall in love with our handmade alpaca bears, crafted with care and affection in The Andes. Made with the finest quality natural baby alpaca fur, which is one of the softest and silkiest fibers in the world, these bears are truly unique and a treasure to behold.

The hypoallergenic, dust-resistant, and warm alpaca fur makes our bears a perfect gift for anyone - children and adults alike. Each bear is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Peruvian Andes, with no two bears looking alike, thanks to the 22 different natural colors of alpaca fur. And the best part? We source our alpaca fur ethically and sustainably from family-owned farms, preserving the environment and respecting the alpaca animals that are the livelihood of countless generations.

With no artificial dyeing used in the process, our alpaca bears are not just adorable but also eco-friendly. Get ready to fall in love with our alpaca bears and give the gift of comfort, warmth, and beauty to yourself or someone special.

*The toys have small parts like the eyes and nose and are not suitable for children under 5*



Your Alpaca Stuffed Bear will be shipped via USPS First-class. We prepare your package as soon as we receive your order and it.