Made in the Andes

Sustainable Blue Acai Bead Bracelet Handmade by Artisans


Sustainable fashion has never been more stylish. Add a pop of vibrant blue to your outfit with our handmade Acai Beads Bracelet. 

Introducing our stunning Acai Beads Bracelet in a beautiful shade of blue. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the Andes mountain regions, this sustainable bracelet features nature's own beads - Acai seeds, dyed naturally to achieve the vibrant blue hue. Each seed is expertly drilled and hand-strung with chrome-tinted beads to create a unique and eye-catching design.

The slight unevenness and natural patterns of the seeds give this bracelet its own unique personality. Its stretchy, clasp-free design ensures a comfortable fit on any wrist. Make a statement with this eco-friendly accessory that not only looks great but also promotes sustainability.

  • Made with Acai beads, tiny natural beads, and gold wire
  • Acai beads are collected from the popular, superfood Acai berries
  • Since each beads is unique, every bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind
  • Hand-beaded by indigenous people in the Andes
  • Organic and Eco-friendly - guilt-free fashion!

Every purchase you make directly supports Andean communities in South America


FREE SHIPPING! Your seed beaded necklace will be shipped via USPS First-class. We prepare your package as soon as we receive your order and it is shipped the next business day.



Acai beads are an ideal material for sustainable jewelry because they're biodegradable, don't harm the acai tree, and often produced through fair trade practices. By choosing acai beads jewelry, you can wear beautiful accessories while also supporting ethical and environmentally responsible fashion.