Made in the Andes

Light Gray Alpaca Traditional Scarf


Experience the subtle elegance and cozy warmth of our Solid Light Grey Alpaca Scarf. This piece is a testament to the luxurious feel of alpaca wool, combined with the timeless appeal of Andean craftsmanship. Each scarf is carefully handmade by artisans in the Andes, ensuring you're wearing not just a scarf but a piece of cultural artistry.

Product Features:

  • Luxurious Softness: Made from the finest alpaca fibers, this scarf is incredibly soft to the touch, providing warmth with a lightweight feel.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Our scarves are made with materials that are environmentally friendly, aligning with your values of sustainability and ethical fashion.
  • Handcrafted Beauty: The solid light grey color offers a versatile accessory option, while the handmade nature ensures a unique Andean design on each piece.
  • Style Flexibility: Its neutral light grey shade makes it a perfect match for any outfit, enhancing casual looks and formal attire with a touch of elegance.
  • Optimal Length: With a length of 62 inches, it allows for various styles of draping, wrapping, or knotting, making it a functional and fashionable choice.


Add a layer of warmth and sophistication to your wardrobe with our Soft Scarf in light grey. Ideal for the eco-conscious and fashion-forward individual, this Andean Scarf not only complements any outfit but also supports the preservation of traditional Andean artistry. Embrace the unique blend of comfort, style, and heritage with this exquisite piece. Shop today and enjoy the added benefit of free shipping in the U.S.