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Aug 01, 2020Carlos Naranjo



Welcome to Made In The Andes! Your new one-stop destination for beautiful, unique and sustainable hand-made goods from the stunningly beautiful South American mountain range. All our products are crafted by indigenous Andean artisans who are committed to preserving the region’s ecosystem while supporting a strong local economy.

Our roster of talented creators includes people like Rosita, who creates intricate and adorable animal themed pipes and miniature sculptures using naturally regenerative local plants like bamboo, palm fruit, and tocte-nut; and sells most of her goods in an Ecuadorian craft market called Plaza de los Ponchos. Or Luis who makes beautiful, elegant jewelry using tagua seed – nature’s cruelty-free answer to ivory. 

Andean Artisans - Artists from the Andes

As we expand our business, we hope to work with even more indigenous artisans to support even more Andean communities.

As you browse our collections, you’ll notice the design of every product we carry strongly reflects where it came from. From the suede leather bags decorated with ancient serigraphs to the traditional tree sculptures that are believed to conjure good fortune, all our merchandise is deeply rooted in Andean culture. As we work to protect the environment and support indigenous communities, we must always respect and appreciate what it is we are fighting for.

As for who we are, Made in the Andes is a small start-up business located in New York. We are committed to providing our customers excellent quality products, while also educating you (in a fun way!) about where these products come from. We believe that doing good is just as important as doing well, and that you don’t have to sacrifice the environment to boost the economy. We will always work to support indigenous communities in the Andes, as we foster a strong community right here where we live. On that note: go check out the goods and please never hesitate to contact us with questions, feedback or insight. And don’t forget to check back here from time to time for updates, info, and interesting tidbits.

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  • I love these products- they are so perfectly crafted! Also- excellent customer service. Thank you!

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