Made in the Andes

Smoking Pipe w/ Glass Body - Frog Design


This unique smoking pipe combines the traditional art of the Andes region with the modern material of glass, resulting in a stunning and functional piece. The frog sculpture is handcrafted with intricate details, resting atop a clear glass bottle that allows for a clear view of the smoke as it travels through the pipe. The wooden patterns that adorn the pipe add a touch of natural beauty to the design.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the glass material of this pipe provides a smooth smoking experience that can enhance the taste and aroma of your favorite herbs. It's the perfect addition to any smoker's collection, blending both the ancient and the modern, and bringing a piece of Andean culture into your home.

  • Materials: Tocte (Andean Walnut) for the base, glass, and a small nut for the pipe bowl.
  • The artisan crafted the frog by hand and painted it carefully.
  • No two pieces are the same.
  • Hand pipe height - approx. 2.5" to 3"; length: approx. 5".

In many cultures, frogs are known for their association with rain and fertility. In the indigenous Andean communities, they hold a special place in their hearts as symbols of resilience and hope. These tiny amphibians are believed to have the power to bring life to the barren land and are seen as messengers of the spirits that govern the natural world. Whether it's their melodious croaks or their vibrant colors, Andean frogs have captivated people's imagination for centuries, and their cultural significance continues to inspire awe and wonder today.


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This piece is crafted from the unique Andean walnut, also known as TOCTE. While it is closely related to the commercial walnut that is consumed worldwide, the Tocte nut is rare and highly valued for its rich and distinctive properties. Unfortunately, the tocte nut trees are facing the threat of extinction due to the excessive use of their wood in furniture and carvings. However, by creating items like this piece from the actual nut, we can help to raise awareness and support the efforts to re-plant and protect these precious trees for future generations.



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