Made in the Andes

Smoking Pipe w/ Glass Body - Crocodile Design


Step into the world of ancient Andean art with this stunning scorpion smoking pipe, handcrafted by skilled artisans with generations of traditional knowledge. Intricately designed with a scorpion sculpture resting over a transparent glass bottle, and adorned with beautifully carved and twined wooden patterns, this piece is truly unique. Enjoy a smooth smoking experience as you watch the smoke swirl and dance within the see-through glass bottle at the center. A must-have for any collector or smoking enthusiast looking for a blend of culture, art, and functionality.

  • Materials: Tocte (Andean Walnut) for the base, glass, and a small nut for the pipe bowl.
  • The artisan crafted the scorpion by hand and painted it carefully.
  • No two pieces are the same.
  • Hand pipe height - approx. 2.5" to 3"; length: approx. 5".

In Andean culture, scorpions hold a significant place in folklore and spirituality. The indigenous people believe that scorpions are powerful protectors that can ward off evil spirits and provide strength and courage to those who seek it.

This scorpion smoking pipe is more than just a smoking accessory; it is a representation of the Andean people's connection to their natural surroundings and their deep-rooted spiritual beliefs. It's a must-have addition to any smoker's collection, serving as a reminder of the power and strength that can be found in the most unexpected places.


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This unique piece features a base crafted from the TOCTE or Andean walnut, a close relative of the popular commercial walnut that is enjoyed all over the world. Sadly, the tocte nut trees are currently endangered due to their highly sought-after wood, which is often used for intricate carvings and furniture-making. With little being done to replenish their numbers, the simple act of finding a use for the tocte nut provides a crucial incentive to re-plant and protect these trees once they start bearing fruit.



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