On Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

On Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

June 21, 2017


There’s no getting around it, the future of the planet has just been dealt a hard blow. As the greatest carbon polluter in history (8 billion tons between 1850 and 2014), the US decided now would be a good time to pull out of the agreement we all made to try and cut our greenhouse gas emissions before we go extinct. Not only are we no longer trying to cut our own emissions, but we've also actually reneged on the $3 billion previously pledged to the nations hardest hit climate change. The international fallout has been bad and the consequences could be dire, but the last thing we should do right now is despair. In fact, if we all strengthen our resolve to do everything in our power to protect the planet, this could be a major turning point in the environmental movement.

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The one silver lining to this whole mess is that it has driven so many of us to take a stand. At this time, at least 12 US governors and 211 mayors have pledged to honor the goals of the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, major universities and corporations around the nation have committed to doing their part. And we don’t have to leave it all up to them. Eco-conscious consumers and small businesses have always been driving forces in this movement.

At MADE IN THE ANDES, we are now more committed than ever to our mission of protecting the environment while supporting local communities. We will always sell products that are sustainably made, and do our part to empower the artists and craftspeople who create them. And we can all make a difference by being more vigilant about our own personal consumption. We have power when we educate ourselves on the products we buy, and when we support businesses that are part of the solution. None of us can be perfect, but we can do a lot more than we might realize to create positive change.

If we all stay informed and make our voices heard with our dollar, our collective impact can be so much greater than the terrible decisions of individuals with too much power. Now is not the time to give up – It’s the time to step up. We’re ready for the challenge, how about you?

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